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Totally on board with Toronto's suggestions. I would also ask to have the dates of play for each division released as soon as possible to flights/travel can be arranged. I imagine we would not be required to stay the entire length of the games? As in each Division will have their own specific dates of play? Not looking for a schedule of course, but if you could tell the teams, Div 1 plays June 27-July 1 and Div 2 plays June 29- July 3 etc, that makes a HUGE difference for people to start...

Los Angeles County Fire Hockey club will be there with a Division 2, a Novice and possibly a 35+ team.

Do you have the date breakdowns for each of the Divisions yet? Usually, each division only plays 4-5 days out of the entire 10 day event. Anything preliminary on that yet or maybe when that info would be available?

Keith Ludeman The only firm date now is that hockey will start on June 26. Until registration is underway (October 1), we cant put a firm schedule out. Stay tuned... 6 years ago

Number of pool play games and game length are huge. No one wants to travel a far distance and play 3 games which are three 14 minute running time periods and be done. 4 games and at least two periods of stop time hockey should be a priority. Next would be facilities, quality ice and locker rooms with showers! After that, is decent scheduling. No one wants to play games at 0300.