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About MeOrienteering Event Coordinator. Classic Orienteering Course Setter. Ive course set for numerous national Championships and the...
About MeOrienteering Event Coordinator. Classic Orienteering Course Setter. Ive course set for...

Hello keg, I didn't get an email regarding the time the shuttle bus leaves the hub at fair lakes today Alex shepherd

Long Model is set up at Fountainhead Park adjacent to the main parking lot. Maps available at Reston in the room where the sport handbook is picked up or onsite at the finish of the model.

Saturday is expected to be very wet. Sunday will be delightfully cool. Expect slippery conditions.

Map Exchange: Course 1 (M18+, M30+, M35+) Occurs at the last water stop, at the bridge you will pass on the way to the start.

Mapa Exchange no Curso 1 (M18 +, + M30, M35 +)Ocorre na última paragem da água, na ponte você vai passar no caminho para o início.

Karte Exchange auf Kurs 1 (M18 + M30 +, M35 +)Tritt an der letzten Wasserstelle , an der Brücke werden Sie auf dem Weg zum Start übergeben.

Einar Mikkelsen What does this mean? I have never heard of a map exchange. 8 years ago
Ken de Jong I Googled it and got this definition - "Map Exchange: The process of swapping one map for another in competition time. The competitor would drop the map used to find the location and pick up a new one. Sometimes used when a long course on a small... Show more 8 years ago

And the Women's 50+ sprint starts:

Dinora Maria Vilela Brazil Women 50+ 18:14
Karen Bint United Kingdom Women 50+ 18:16
Feliciana Ribeiro Lima Brazil Women 50+ 18:18
Rosane Maria Zuquim Gonçalves Brazil Women 50+ 18:20

Men 18+ 30 35 (11)
Byron Crook Great Britain Men 35+ 18:02
Rene Schneider Germany Men 35+ 18:03
William Vieira Da Silva Brazil Men 35+ 18:04
Einar Mikkelsen USA Men 35+ 18:05
Cheuk Yiu Chung Hong Kong Men 30+ 18:08
Andres Verduzco USA Men 30+ 18:09
Jeremy Crumblin Australia Men 30+ 18:10
Arthur Svidzinski Brazil Men 30+ 18:11
Fredrik Wrangel Sweden Men 18+ 18:13
Ruben Prado Castiñeira Spain Men 18+ 18:14
Robert Foote Australia Men 18+ 18:15
Men 40 45 Women 18+ 30 35 (19)
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I just sent an email with the sprint start times and the transportation schedule as I know it. Also the Model Long is set up . Model maps will be at athlete check-in some time tomorrow and I will leave some on the finish control at Fountainhead ( adjacent to the parking lot).

Well I messed up. Everyone should have just received the long and sprint start times via email Please disregard the sprint times. They are off by two hours. I will send out a correct version non Wednesday.

Keg Good Model maps are not out yet. Coming soon. 8 years ago
Keg Good posted a new discussion8 years ago

Start list - LONG

2015 World Police & Fire Games Tue 6/23/2015 7:16 PM Name Country Class Start Men 18+ 30 35 (8) Einar Mikkelsen USA Men 35+ 8:16 Rene Schneider Germany Men 35+ 8:18 James Billington USA Men 35+ 8:20 Arthur Svidzinski Brazil Men 30+ 8:24 Andres Verduzco USA Men 30+ 8:26 Jason Walter USA Men 18+ 8:30 Justin Robinson Australia Men 18+ 8:32 Brice Long USA Men 18+ 8:34 Men 40 45 Women 18+ 30 35 (18) Sally Dickinson USA Women 35+ 8:15 Lotta Eliasson Sweden Women 35+ 8:17 Juliana Marino Brazil Women...


Start lists will be out tomorrow afternoon. Regardless of your start time on Sunday, please be on time. Unless you ride the direct bus from Woodbridge, you must park, catch a 15 minute shuttle, check in, check your stuff, take care of personal needs, drink like crazy (its hot and humid here) , check out the finish, check out the warm-up area and walk/run 1.3 KM to the start. With a first start at 8am you will want to be on site early.

If you are driving your self allow time to get lost also.

June 27 - Sat Long O model open (will not have Epunch controls)

June 28 - Sun
Early morning. Bus from Woodbridge to Fountainhead Park. Exact time still to be determined.
~ 0445 shuttle from parking area begins
0530 warmup area and model open
0545 Athlete check–in opens
0545 Sun rise
0800 first Long O start
About noon Competitive courses close
About noon Courses open for spectators and volunteers
About noon Awards

Jul 1 - Wed
0800 Sprint O model area open
1430 Inside Patriot Circle...
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Administrator Great job Keg Good 8 years ago

As of Monday here are the women entries in the Sprint:
W30+ 1
w35+ 2
W40+ 0
W45+ 1
W50+ 2
W55+ 1
W60+ 0
W65+ 1

Massive thundershowers last night so we can expect more bugs soon. Trees are fully leafed out now so visibility is variable.

If you want to use your own Sport IdentEpunch, email me the number. Otherwise, we will lend you one.

Graziella Scorza Soares Ferreira Hi Keg! I would like to use mine. To what email should I send the number? I did not find your email address in your profile that appears in the group. 8 years ago

O Registration closes 6/19/2015.

Orienteering entrant counts as of 5/28/15
Sprint Long Sprint Long
M18+ 2 2 W18+ 1 0
M30+ 3 2 W30+ 1 2
M35+ 1 2 W35+ 2 3
M40+ 3 4 W40+ 0 1
M45+ 7 6 W45+ 1 1
M50+ 4 3 W50+ 2 2
M55+ 0 0 W55+ 1 1
M60+ 2 1 W60+ 0 0
M65+ 2 2 W65+ 1 1

Keg Good And I had this list beautifully formatted.... First number is men's sprint, second number is men's long. 8 years ago

My apologies to all entrants. I understand there was a delay in sending out the confirmation letters. If you want to be sure you are entered, let me know. I hope to receive everyone's email from your registration today( from Fairfax2015) and send you all a quick note.

Is anyone coming from the Tysons Corner area that would be willing to carpool. Public transportation to Woodbridge or directly to Fountainhead Park doesn't work and especially not that time in the morning.

With a first start at 8am, you will want to be onsite between 6 and 7 am. There is a shuttle to catch from parking, athlete check-in, warm-up, bag drop, necessities, and a 1.3 K walk to the start. Id you want time to look at the model or explore the warm up area - allow more time.

Keg Good shared Veronika Lange's group status from group: Orienteering 8 years ago

Unfortunately that is how transportation is set up. Public transportation on Sundays doesn't run early or often enough to help you and is very convoluted... I know because I live in Woodbridge and used to work in Tysons. Even taking Metro to the Vienna Metro doesn't help. My best advice is to rent a car for the day and drive directly to Fountainhead Park. This will also give you freedom for the rest of the day.

Alternatively, is anyone else staying near Tysons Corner that would like to carpool?

I live in the Hilton McLean Tysons Corner and have no rental car. The WPFG bus to orienteering classic travels only from Woodbridge.
How do I get from my hotel to Woodbridge?

Confirmation letters are supposed to go out today. You will not see your start times as the events are still open for registration. I hope to email the start time list on Jun 23 or 26. Long O starts will be between 8-9am. Sprint O starts will be between 6-7pm. Currently Men's 45+ is the most competitive age group. The Start Chief ran that course yesterday afternoon in very humid conditions. With a morning start, on Jun 28, it will probably be humid.

ROSANE MARIA ZUQUIM GONÇALVES I have two compasses, SPORT ident, Com Card Up, who want to sell or exchange for similar, however the southern hemisphere. It was a grant from Sport ident for Guidance School to coordinate, but it is calibrated to the northern hemisphere. If you... Show more 8 years ago
Keg Good We will be using SportIdent for punching. If you have your own and want to use it, let me know your number. Otherwise we will lend you one. I don't think Rosane's translator worked clearly. For the Long(Classic) you will need a northern hemisphere... Show more 8 years ago

Sprint O registration also closes on 6/19/15

Hi Athletes, I invite you to try out Sprint Orienteering on Wed Jul 1 6pm at GMU. No bugs, no forest, no uneven footing (well, some grass). You run, by yourself, as fast as you can think and execute your route between checkpoints. The checkpoints are similar to “corner of building” that you must go to in order. The total distance is 1-3 miles. Winners have the fastest times. At present, not all age categories even have 3 people. So if you really want a medal to bring back home consider adding... Show more

Lauri McGee awesome!!! Sounds fun! 8 years ago