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About MeWork Earnestly---------------------Play Genuinely----------------------Enjoy...

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3 days of golf, your daily score is then put with your teammate for the team score. no issues. even if you do not have teammate they blind draw teammembers. kind of fun! good way to meet someone new.


This is my first World Police Fire Games for golf. I am looking forward to attending and competing.
I have a couple questions:

Is the golf event over a couple days or just one?
Is it manageable to play in both the team event and singles event?
And the last one, the $350 that some other have talked about, do we need to click on that option as well when we registered?

If anyone has the answers to the questions that would be awesome.


Allowing caddies for those the want them is a huge step forward for everyone involved!

Can the carts, I can play faster walking!

Tim Graves replied to Handicapping 9 years ago

in AZ, US for $25 bucks you can get a offical handicap. Arizona Golf Association, you just post your own scores online... pretty simple process and you would be all set by next year if you got set-up with them now. May have something similar in your area!

Played today with my lady in sunny Tucson Arizona USA..

Chris Sampl Must be nice! My brother just moved to Florida and has already started to rub it in. 9 years ago
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What a great event to be a part of. Put it on your calender and make it happen!

I believe the rules committee needs to look at the caddie/spectator rule. Why should we be restricted from having one caddie (ALL AMATEUR events I have ever played in allowed one). Most of us travel (great distances) with our significant others and want them to enjoy the competitive experience also. Additionally having spectators from your country out watching you compete is also part of the experience. People know their way around a golf course that would not interfere with the pace of play...

Papago Golf! Well Done! Thanks Joan! Nap time ... then of to D-Backs game! Nice way to coast back into normal life next week!