ATHLETES, Here is a schedule for the erg races next week. PLEASE NOTE: This will be finalized tonight or this weekend but this is what we are looking at. Remember, some of these are stacked because of the number of competitors in each group.

July 3rd
9:00-9:30 Meeting for rules, and any last minute changes (if necessary)

10am Mens 18+
10:15 Mens 30+
10:30 Mens 35+
10:45 Mens 40+
10:45 Mens 45+
11:00 Mens 50+
11:15 Mens 55+
11:15 Mens 60+
11:15 Mens 65+
11:30 Womens 30+
11:30 Womens...
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Daniel Agerhult OK! So there is no qualifying races? Is it possible to see the starting lists for each group? 5 years ago
Jack Jennison Once we finalize them I will try and post it or send a link to the PDF File 5 years ago