Thank you Celebrate Fairfax and especially Julie and Hannah for all your hard work with the Champion Square group!
Thank you also to the Accreditation stream and their many hours of hard work they put in, I as a volunteer applaud you.
Also thank you to my fellow volunteers for the fun times, getting to know you all and making forging some new friendships.
And last but not least, the Athletes for all your service, hard work and dedication..much respect and heartfelt appreciation!

Wondering if anyone in this group could help me. I met one of the bomb sniffer dog Officers in Belfast last summer at the Police and Fire Games and didn't get a chance to leave my contact information before I had to leave. If anyone met Willie and have access to his contact info, and can contact him for me and see if he would like to get in contact with me ( I was the volunteer lady from the States who he made the perfect cuppa for at Waterfront Hall) please hit me back and I will forward on...

Top 3 things in Belfast were THE PEOPLE, Adored the city and The People (especially the sniffer dog guys!)