Jim Willis posted a comment on AWARDS CEREMONY for the BIATHLON 7 years ago

The Team results posted for Men's 50+ shows a Russian Team in 2nd place. If these are final results as stated, you have an error as one of the members of that Team (Krist) was DNQ.

With the various types of triggers on the striker fired guns with trigger safety levers, we have had problems with the trigger weighing differently depending on where the weight is placed on the trigger. Leverage can affect the pull weight by 1/2 lb or more (placing near the bottom end can read up to a full pound lighter). Usually the person tasked with the weigh-in has been good about siding with the shooter and re-positioning the weight 2 or 3 times to get the gun to pass. Just asking if the... Show more

Robert Sloan The officers who will be assigned to weighing triggers are well trained. They will weigh the triggers correctly. They understand the difference in the various fire control systems. The weights will be a set of lead trigger weights that are designed to be... Show more 7 years ago