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I won Gold Medals in Men's Individual 55-59 and Men's Team 50+. Due to the postponed awards ceremony, I will not be able to attend, as I won't be in the area. Can I authorize another athlete to pick up my medals?

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I have a rules question. As stated, the event is a "no alibi" match. There is also a time penalty for not firing 12 rounds in each shooting phase. If a competitor attempts to fire 12 rounds, but suffers a misfire, can he load an additional round during that shooting phase in order to fire the 12 rounds required?

Robert Sloan I checked the rules. There are no alibi rounds as you have stated. The rules also state a competitor may only have 24 rounds of ammunition at their shooting position. Each magazine or speed loader may only contain 6 rounds. Taking that in to... Show more 7 years ago

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