Robert Hoang replied to Submission Grappling 8 years ago

Cliff, I'm not competing in grappling but if you log into to your athlete profile, you can see the names of those competing in your weight and age category.

I have been out of the Taekwondo scene for 15 years. I have done some research as to the requirements to compete at the WPFG. I am from Canada and read that athletes competing at a WTF sanctioned event must possess a Global Athlete License. This event is sanctioned by the WPFG and WTF. Can anyone know if we need this to compete?

Craig Luecke Referencing the rules posted on the Martial Arts page here : All competitors shall hold a WTF Taekwondo grade of 4th Kup (blue belt) Competitors must be members of a national federation affiliated to the WTF. Proof of membership by means of a valid... Show more 8 years ago