Anyone have any ideas for a hotel close to the village for a family, so many to choose from, looking for suggestions.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a hotel close to the athletes village which is good for families? When you look at the list there is to many to chose

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Is there any way to tell what athletes are competing in your sport

Firefighter Sports

I am going to compete in the ultimate fire fighter and am looking at making this experience a family vacation to visit the D.C. area as well. Could someone tell me any hotels witch are close to the subway system and not to far from the village. Thanks

Mark how far is the venue for the ultimate fire fighter from the accreditation center and do you know if the subway into D.C. is close by the accreditation center, trying to make a family vacation out of this and want to tour the Capital City

shot709 My team member share air rifle , please help us ,thanks.
air rifle
Ming-Der SU & LIU Cheng-Ming
LEE Tung-Hui & HUANG YONG-Ning
SU Chung-She & HUANG Chien-Ming
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Have they posted the dates for the age groups and if yes were do we find them

Craig Luecke Hello David Hawkes - they are finalizing the schedules of each sport. Registration is still open for many of the sports and until they have firm numbers on each division it is still difficult to provide a good schedule. 8 years ago