PS, all - look at the training section. The scopes of practice and procedures are posted where you found your orientation training. (Since I didn't get email telling me about it, I'm assuming not everyone knows).

I did my first shift yesterday at Tae Kwon Do (NVCC). It was an afternoon, and ended early (not that many competitors in forms, I guess). My predecessor and the MVM had things pretty well organized...there were two bags of med supplies (although I personally would have liked more cold packs and fewer glucose testing supplies, beggars ain't choosers ;-). There was a very nice binder with all the forms, the scopes of practice, and overviews well laid out, with tabs. The radio worked well (It'll...

Whee! Finally on fuseport! Thank you to all the workers who hand-jammed in what we worked out on Sunday.

William, thanks for the thought, but it's not on the fuseport site, either, so I suspect there's no email to miss. I check spam, but can't see blocked emails.

Laura, I'd say head down on Thursday and see. From what I saw, there were still medical roles available, and since med volunteers were told to *not* show up, I'd be willing to bet that they may still have openings. Know your schedule, so they can work with you. And I've *never* been assigned a role in the computer to this day, either through email or through the website.

Hey, all. I am a med volunteer, and never got (to this day) an email with roles. I am local, so I drove down on Sun and registered/signed up for shifts/got the one T-shirt.