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jack ritonya Discussion started by jack ritonya 8 years ago
I have been keeping up with most of the Billiard comments,and kept an "OPEN" mind in regards to them.If a player is putting forth Time,Effort,and Money to participate in Fairfax,they have every right to their opinion.I will turn 60 in july,and this will be my first World Police & Fire Games.I am looking forward to meeting you all and making this a memorable event.There's no doubt,that there will be some spirited competition.It is really up to us to make or break this tournament.I know in a perfect world,we would play 9-ball,8-ball,straight pool, One Pocket,and even some Scotch doubles,then everyone could be satisfied.But,we all know that's a pipe dream.I am fully content to make the most of this trip win or lose. See you all if Fairfax.  jack
Craig Luecke
Craig Luecke STRAIGHT POOL was just approved and added as one of the events. Lots of work between the venue owners and coordinators to make this happen. 8 years ago
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