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Matt Cook Discussion started by Matt Cook 8 years ago
I visited the Reston SkateQuest where the novice division of the Ice Hockey (30+ teams) will play.  The street entrance to SkateQuest,  Michael Faraday Dr from Sunset Hills Rd, is a little overgrown and can be easily missed.  

I hope Fairfax 2015 puts large signage to help direct people in. Plenty of free parking.

The venue has two rinks.  Neither has photo holes in the glass.  One NHL size and one Olympic size and the are named as such.  Seating is limited on both and the seating a bare metal (cold).  

Lighting is as you'd expect. Bad. 

 At the NHL rink, the seating is level with the ice and only two risers.  On the Olympic rink, the 'bleacher' is elevated above the solid wall but only goes up three risers.  

Above the glass on both rinks is a net (not black) which runs around the entire rink.  Focusing thru the net is difficult at best.  

The glass on both rinks is marred pretty heavily.  Shooting thru is going to be difficult.  Add to the glass, the outside walls are white so they reflect heavily!  Going to need a soft rubber lens hood or a lenskirt to over come the reflections.  The only clear views on both rinks were from the team benches which do not have glass (need a helmet and team consent) The Olympic rink is viewable from an elevated waiting area but shooting thru the glass and the net will be difficult.

Power did not seem available in the public areas. Restrooms and snacks are available.
Matt Cook
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