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Motocross - Dirt Bike

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    Hare Scramble
    Budds will not allow a cross country course so we are still trying to decide if we will be able to add this event. If we do so, it will be a nearby venue but will still be during the same weekend and you will be able to do both MX and CC if you want. Keep your fingers crossed and I will get back to you as I find out more.
    2 months ago
  • Hi all. Couple things:
    The rules are posted but please keep an open mind on them for now. I am working with the Federation on updating them.
    Age groups always have the possibility of combining and further separating depending on entries. You will still register for your specific group but they may change.
    We are working on how to come up with ATV classes but there will be some for sure.
    2 months ago
  • can I enter other classes if I want to
    2 months ago
    Craig Luecke You can enter as many cc classes as you want as long as you stay in your age group.
    2 months ago
  • oh by the way thanks for the quick reply Craig
    2 months ago
  • so I am 53 with a 450 so I will be in Grand Master
    2 months ago
    Craig Luecke If you are over 50 you are definitely Grand Master.
    2 months ago
  • Does anyone know the age classes for motocross?
    2 months ago
    Craig Luecke Some sports will break down the age groups further into Senior A and B, Grand Master A, B, C and so on ... every 5 years. In April we will know more about your particular sport after the WPFG Federation meetings which finalize our Games plans. Your Sports Coordinator will relay the final decisions.
    2 months ago
  • MOTOCROSS - Your rules have been update to new version January 2014. Please go to the Sports Rules page and download.…
    2 months ago
    David Newell Thanks! I'll pass detailed tech. It's set by the AMA rules. I can't wait. My build is complete. I'm just waiting on the graphics.
    2 months ago
  • Photos that we shot at the 2010 Western States Police & Fire Games - now called the United States Police & Fire Championships. This was a much smaller event.
    View Location 3 months ago
  • ArenacrossUK (motorcross racers) are on tour in the UK at the moment. They visited Belfast at the weekend but I did not get to the event as none of my friends wanted to go. I meet a few of the riders after and saw a few photographs and videos. This is definately something I am going to see in fairfax, i love this and really cant wait to see it :-) ... good luck in training!
    3 months ago
    Jake M. Yep...and looking very much forward to it.
    3 months ago
  • Any word on an off-road event yet?
    3 months ago
  • Craig Luecke shared a video. Motocross - Dirt Bike
    Police Indoor Crash

    Police Indoor Crash Police Indoor Crash Alberta Fire Dept. Boys win GOLD in New York City, Indoor Rowing Mens open doubles World Police & Fire 2011 New York city. AIM Smarty. Head on X T Bone Crash Cam Head on X T Bone Crash Cam Drum Kit: Pearl VBX Vision Birch: 22 Bass Drum 08 Rack Tom 12 Rack Tom 13 Rack/Floor Tom 14 Floor Tom 1. Car comes to hurl Head on crash WTF Car comes to hurl Head on crash WTF Astonishing footage shows a baby's miraculous escape after she was thrown from a cras. Rally...

    This is why you don't train for motocross INSIDE the police station
    3 months ago
  • Classes offered.
    The Federation has utilized FIM rules in the past with the three different cc size offerings. At our last meeting the Federation said they would like to entertain other options to this set up. My thoughts are to run it more like AMA does and just have two classes; light and heavy and then split up the age classes accordingly.
    5 months ago
    Rob Harper HI Sam. I would love to drive out from the west coast to race. Been participating in the 'games' since they called them the Police Olympics 20 years ago. I would encourage you to fit in the 2-stokes somehow. Although I have a KTM 450SXF, I would leave it home to bring a 2-stroke. Personally I've never had more fun at the games than racing the 125 2-stroke all these years - safer and a blast. Although at a disadvantage, I would be happy to line up against 250 four strokes. The New York World games had 125's lining up with 250 2-strokes and that was just too much of a battle for the little bikes. Hope you get it figured out and get us all up to the line.
    3 months ago
  • Hi all. I spoke with the Federation Vice President about having a Scramble during that weekend. I agree that it would be fun to have an off road race as well as motocross classes. In the distant past, Budds used to host some Hare Scrambles/GNCC/Euro scramble/Hare and Hound (depending on where you are). However, the owner of the track closed down the woods courses and only does motocross.
    5 months ago
    Jerrod Marfell That would be Awesome! either place just to have an off-road event would be a blast. I'm gonna give the moto a go but would be nice to have something I won't get smoked at LOL Thanks!
    5 months ago
  • Jeff, typically the registration fee and any sport associated fees are not set by the host and WPFG Federation until the Spring prior to registration opening up. That will be Spring 2014 with our registration target date of October 2014.
    5 months ago
PLEASE JOIN THIS GROUP for instant updates and discussion regarding this sport. Everything regarding the Motocross sports event at the World Police & Fire Games. A place where all athletes and fans from around the world can meet in one place online before meeting in competition. Rules, venue and your sports coordinator assignment will be forthcoming. Please join the group to be alerted for any changes and or discussions regarding this sport.  
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