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Motocross - Dirt Bike

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PLEASE JOIN THIS GROUP for instant updates and discussion regarding this sport. Everything regarding the Motocross sports event at the World Police & Fire Games. A place where all athletes and fans from around the world can meet in one place online before meeting in competition. Rules, venue and your sports coordinator assignment will be forthcoming. Please join the group to be alerted for any changes and or discussions regarding this sport.  
Fairfax 2015 Sports
Tuesday, 15 March 2011
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Craig Luecke, Rich Merrell, Jessica Pickett
WPFGF Rules by Sport

Provided in abridged format intended to give the potential competitor guidelines (only) on the sports/events planned for 2015. PLEASE NOTE: Several sports rules are not yet available and we are working with the WPFG Federation to finalize them as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.


Games Registration Opens 1 October 2014