We have greatly simplified the online orientation. We don't want to slow you down as the eager and energetic volunteer you are! This is all you have to do:

1. Download the ORIENTATION file below in the documents section. It is a PDF. Just look it over when you get a chance.

2. Download the HANDBOOK and give it a read. It too gives you everything you need to know to enhance your volunteer experience!

3. Come on down to the Volunteer Accreditation Center and receive your credentials and Games gear! 

Wasn't that easy? Welcome aboard!

Volunteer Documents


Orientation Course

This is a PDF printout version of our online volunteer orientation course. Please take the time to read through this material. No quiz. No cert required!
Size : 3.86 mb
Date modified : Jun 19 2015

Volunteer Handbook

This Volunteer Handbook will supply you with the basic necessary information to ensure your experience as a volunteer is rewarding!
Size : 1.44 mb
Date modified : Jun 17 2015

MEDICAL - Volunteer Medical Team Training

Size : 1.38 mb
Date modified : Jun 24 2015

MEDICAL - Sports Medicine Scope of Practice

Size : 264.67 kb
Date modified : Jun 24 2015

MEDICAL - Medical Ineligibility Policy

Size : 187.29 kb
Date modified : Jun 24 2015

MEDICAL - EMS Scope of Practice

Size : 338.01 kb
Date modified : Jun 24 2015



Your volunteer credential and uniform is NOW AVAILABLE at our Volunteer Headquarters. We opened 3 days ahead of schedule! We are located at: 1800 Cameron Glen Drive Reston VA

Hours of Operation:
SaturdaySunday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
MondayTuesdayWednesday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM 
ThursdayFriday 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM
SaturdaySunday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

The process itself takes less than 10 minutes. But please plan for lines during the evening and weekend times.



You will begin seeing emails inviting you to accept your position and role with the Games. Check your SPAM folder or the ALL MAIL folder that can be found in programs such as Gmail. 

  1. You will be invited to view your role. This is your volunteer job. You will need to log into the secure volunteer database in order to accept your role. We have done everything possible to ensure that you have been assigned a role based upon your availability and your interest.
  2. If you accept your role, you will be given instructions to choose your schedule based on that role.
  3. If you decline that role, we will reassign someone else in your place. You will be placed on a waiting list for a new assignment.
  4. If you receive a notice that a role has not yet been assigned to you, it means that we will assign you as soon as we have a role that meets your availability.



We would love for you to volunteer for Opening Ceremonies! But if you are not volunteering, please grab some tickets and welcome our athletes! Please click here for tickets!

We are overwhelmed with phone calls and working our way through them as best we can. But we are better with email. So email us volunteer@fairfax2015.com