​ROUND ROBIN (GROUP PLAY) BRACKETING:  If a sport/event is bracketed as a Round Robin (Group Play) tournament for either preliminaries or divisional placement (“A”, “B”, etc.) and less than eight competitors/teams enter, these seven or less competitors/teams will compete in a single group and the final standings will determine the medalists. 

SINGLE ENTRANT:  If only one person/team enters any sport or event, that person/team will be combined, when possible, in the next most reasonable category of the sport. If combining is not possible and the event (or age/skill category) is canceled by the Host with concurrence of the WPFGF Bracketing Committee, the entrant/Team Captain will be notified at least 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the WPFG and all applicable Entry Fees refunded. 


Competitor Option in Changing Divisions:  Entrants may elect not to be combined as indicated above.  To exercise this option, the entrant must have so indicated in the appropriate area on the Sports Entry Form.

Cannot be Combined:   In Individual events where an opponent is not needed to compete, if only one person enters and cannot be combined (i.e., only one entrant in the Open division), or elects not to be combined, the event will be scheduled.  In Individual events requiring an opponent where only one person enters, cancel the event.    The exceptions are in sports with Weigh-Ins.  


Any sport or event may be canceled by mutual agreement between the Host and the WPFGF. The Host shall be responsible for notifying all entrants and returning appropriate fees. Exception: In sports requiring weigh-ins where any entry has been received, events will not be canceled until weigh-ins have determined that no one is in that weight class.


Entries postmarked later than the Entry Deadline will not be accepted unless an exemption is made by the WPFGF and the Host.  The Host shall not make competitor-requested changes to an athlete's original entry unless the changes can be accomplished without affecting other events or competitors. Late Fees: Any late entries, and all event additions/changes by previously-entered competitors, accepted later than one month after the Entry Deadline may be assessed a late charge.  Late entries shall not be assessed more than $50.00 USD.  Late added/changed events shall not be assessed a fee of more than $10.00 USD per event. 

If a WPFGF rule allows a late entry, change or add or if a Host or WPFGF data entry error creates an entry mistake, the Host will make every attempt to correct or accept the entry, add or hange.  The WPFGF Policy is to protect the interests of both the Host and the athlete, and to follow the WPFG Rules.  If a conflict occurs between the Host and an athlete, regarding such an issue, the WPFGF shall be involved to arbitrate the conflict, and, WPFGF recommendations in these matters shall be followed.  


Changes shall immediately be communicated to all affected entrants in the sports. Competition shall never begin prior to the date and time last communicated to the competitors. Any other changes which prohibit a competitor from competing under previously published circumstances are not allowed.  Should the Host be unable to conduct a sport/event because of venue conditions beyond their control and beyond their ability to rectify; or should the weather, natural or other disaster prevent the safe use of the venue, the sport/event will be rescheduled.  If rescheduling is not possible, the Host will consult with the WPFGF and only cancel a sport/event after mutual agreement between these parties. If rescheduling or cancellation occurs under these circumstances and a competitor is unable to participate, a full refund of applicable Entry Fees will be made, however there will be no further liability to the Host.