WPFGF RULES: POOLING (Draw for Partner/Team) 

​The following Team sports are specifically excluded from Pooling: 

  • Basketball (5 x 5)   
  • Ice Hockey  
  • Rugby (7-Aside) 
  • Soccer   
  • Softball (Slow Pitch)  [except Women’s] 

Entrant Requesting Pooling

In sports that allow Pooling, a competitor may enter the “Pool” as long as they have entered into the WPFG in another non-pooled sport/event.  This typically occurs when a competitor has entered a sport in the Individual competition  and does not have a partner/team for the Doubles/Team event in that sport, but wishes one.  In sports such as Bowling, competitors that have entered Doubles, may Pool as a pair for the 4-Person Team event.  Several sports employ different disciplines.   (Example: in Triathlon there is “Swimming”, “Biking” & “Running”.)  In such cases, entrants must identify their specialty(s), but are not guaranteed that specialty. 

Submitting a pool request does not guarantee entry into that Doubles/Team event.  There may not be an available team/partner.  In this case, fees for the pooled  event will be refunded.  A request for a specific partner in the “Pool’ will not be considered.  

Enter pool play by doing the following: 

~  Enter the WPFG in any other sport/event. 

~  Enter the Doubles/Team event you wish to pool in and pay the fees. 

~  Check the request for “pooling” box/space on the Sports Entry Form or where indicated during On-Line Entry. 

The WPFGF Bracketing Committee, working with  the Host, shall form teams of eligible competitors “at random”.  (Please note that in sports using age or skill categories these qualifications may be considered during Pooling.)   Pooled teams shall be selected in the following order: 

~  From the same agency;  

~  From agencies within the same city, county or state/province; 

~  From any competitors remaining in the “Pool” within the same country;  

~  From any remaining competitors in the “Pool”, regardless of country. 

All Pooling must be approved by the WPFGF Bracketing Committee until the Bracketing Committee Meeting work has been completed.   After the WPFGF Bracketing Committee has approved the sports' brackets, no further pooling requests will be accepted without specific approval of the WPFGF and then only if it does not adversely affect the bracketing or scheduling in that sport/event.

EXCEPTION:  A competitor who is left in the “Pool” after all pooling has been completed may be substituted on a previously entered, eligible team, which has lost a member for legitimate reasons before the first competition in that event.  

Pooled players can not be used to create or augment a team once the event has begun.

Incomplete Doubles Teams/Teams: Any competitor who has entered a Doubles/Team event and whose Doubles Team/Team is incomplete at the time of the Bracketing Meeting, may be placed in the “Pool” and assigned a partner/team when possible.  Once formed by pooling, teams will not be allowed to alter their makeup to exclude a pooled member.  If a late entry enters a Doubles or Team event which has already been completed by a “Pool” entry, that late entry shall not take the place of the “Pool” entry.  The late entry may enter into the “Pool” and be assigned to a Doubles Team/Team, if possible.