​WPFG uses two systems to divide the several Team events into medal divisions. 

"A”, & “B” (& “C”, etc.) DIVISIONS:  These categories are normally formed during preliminary competition in an event, based strictly on the team’s performance. (Note:  There are a few sports where the designations “A”, “B”, etc. have existing skill criteria, as in Bowling.  See individual sport rules.)   

“DIVISION I” & “DIVISION II” TEAM SPORTS:  These are pre-registered Divisions and must be designated on the entry form.   The following Team Sports/events may offer Division I and Division II: 

  • BASKETBALL  (Open 5 x 5) 
  • ICE HOCKEY  (Unisex Open) 
  • RUGBY  (Unisex Open) 
  • SOCCER  (Men’s Open) 
  • VOLLEYBALL (6 person) 

Division I:   

Medal winners in Division I from the previous WPFG shall compete in Division I.  A team must have 50% or more returning players from the medal winning team in the last WPFG to be considered a returning team.    

Combination Teams may form and may represent agencies of any size within a country and shall compete in Division I.  Teams from large agencies or national state/provincial agency teams shall compete in Division I.  

Any team may elect to compete in Division I with WPFGF approval.  

Division II: 

All other teams compete in Division II.   A team with an established unsuccessful WPFG Division I record may petition the Host or WPFGF to be placed in Division II before the Bracketing Meeting. 

WPFGF reserves the right to place a team in either Division I or Division II.