ATHLETE SPOTLIGHT: Drew Huerter, Badminton

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b2ap3_thumbnail_drew300.jpgThinking he would never be big or strong enough to fulfill his childhood dream of being a firefighter, Drew Huerter decided instead to pursue a career in physiotherapy and started working in the field of massage therapy. He assumed that a job with the fire station was out of reach and imagined he could never fulfill the recruitment requirements, especially when thinking about carrying a 200 lb mannequin up the stairs. When he attended a firefighter information session however, he learned that he could indeed make his dreams come true.

Attending Cambrian College in Sudbury (Ontario, Canada), Drew took the pre-service Fire Diploma course. After completing school, he volunteered at Station 218 in Brampton and two years later, he was successful in getting hired on full-time. Drew is studying this year to write and is currently working with mentors in his efforts at becoming a Captain.   

Drew has attended the Games in Vancouver, New York and Belfast. He has fond memories of so many new friends from the games in Vancouver: the Glennon sisters from Ireland, his fellow athletes from the Philippines who he says were “a blast”, new friends from Hong Kong, players from Germany and the Dutch team, the fellows from Switzerland and more. The most memorable opportunity was meeting Brian Woodhall, a Games volunteer from England who has had a large impact on top-level players, the world over.

During the New York Games, Drew suffered an injury to his hamstring, a second-degree tear, and to this day, remembers the kindness and amazing help they offered to immediately assist. He credits them with his short recovery time, in fact!

If you ask Drew which games were the most memorable, he’s quick to answer: Belfast. Again touting the quality of the volunteers in place for the Games, he applauds their efforts whether it was giving directions, or offering recommendations for the best fish and chips. If you allow him, he will continue to praise the line judges, umpires, draw desk personnel and more. It is a true testament to the spirit of the Games with consistently amazing and outstanding volunteers.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Drew-Huerter-5.jpgDrew’s sport for the WPFG is badminton. Playing since the age of 6, his father would take him to the Kodak plant where he worked and allow Drew to gain access to the badminton courts. As a young child, with excess energy to spare, he’s positive his father took him just so he could attempt to wear him out.

After improving at the game, he began playing in tournaments and progressed to the level of first competing in his province, then to nationals and finally, on an international level. He has won numerous titles, provincially and nationally and has trained in Denmark.

If you’ve got enough energy, try and keep up with Drew! If he’s not playing with his children, Carson and Chloe, you might find him out with his dogs, Digger and Boomer. If he’s not there, look to locate him in the gym, running the Firefighter Combat Challenge Tower, training for the World Challenge (being held this year in Montgomery, Alabama). If that isn’t enough, Drew has also become an avid yogi and appreciates the benefits of added flexibility and intentional breathing. At the end of the day, however, he enjoys relaxing with his wife and credits her above all for her support and encouragement.

Drew is a teacher and educator at heart and enjoys coaching badminton and strength training, he is also a former men's gymnastics coach Functioning as a shift RIT instructor as well, he loves helping people and especially enjoys watching people learn. Give Drew the opportunity to help ONE person with one new experience and it makes for a happy man!

When asked about one of the life lessons Drew has learned, he said, “You need to learn how to lose before you can learn to win. You need to make errors and learn from those errors before you can progress in any way.” 

MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO IN FAIRFAX: Having been to the Metro DC area as a child, Drew is looking forward to returning as an adult and spending time at the historical sites. Welcome to the area, Drew and enjoy all of the tourist attractions!


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  • Bernard Lachance
    Bernard Lachance Monday, 16 March 2015

    You also had the option to give up Drew, but you hung on and took the decision to achieve your goal. Contrats. A good example of perseverance.
    See you maybe in Fairfax. I'll be competing in Track & Field.

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