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Volunteer Shirts Are On The Way!

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b2ap3_thumbnail_unnamed-5.pngWill you guys look stylish wearing these amazing shirts? As with previous World Police & Fire Games hosts we have color coded our shirts based on positions within the organization. Our amazing volunteers will be wearing these bright blue t-shirts proudly displaying the eagle logo on the front and the social media #fairfax2015 hashtag on the back. These shirts will be distributed during your credentialing June 7 through July 4. Other colors representing various functions include light blue for Games staff positions, yellow for event officials and red for our medical team. 

Along with colorful shirts we have several additional goodies for you as well. Stay tuned!




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Volunteer Calendar Update and Timeline

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b2ap3_thumbnail_volunteers-update.jpgWe are so excited about the next two months. Can you believe that the Games will already be a memory in two months?! So many of you have signed up so long ago, and now we are finally at the point in the journey where all the planning falls into place. So, let’s do this!  You all have been getting monthly newsletters with updates but we want to take a little time to explain the timeline of events moving forward.

1. Recruitment: As of today, we have over 5000 individuals in our database who have stepped up to support our athletes as volunteers for these Games. These volunteers (and those still yet to come) will fill the 18,500 different shifts available.

2. Background Checks: We have completed most of the background checks for volunteers. See now—that wasn’t so bad!

3.Assignments and Jobs: We are now going through each of the 5000+ different volunteers and assigning you all a job based upon what you have told us about your interests. We have also started interviewing and assigning our Volunteer Leads like Volunteer Coordinator and Venue Supervisor.

4.Scheduling and Shifts: Right now, we are scheduling our large groups, corporate sports sponsors, and sports specific volunteers into their venues and locations. Beginning June 1, we will open up the scheduling to all of our Games’ volunteers. You will get an email notice and then will be able to go into your volunteer account and schedule yourself for your exact day and time. Your options will be based upon the preferences that you gave us. You can make changes to those preferences now, if you would like.

5.Training and Orientations: Beginning June 1, we are going to offer our Volunteer Orientation Online. Isn’t technology grand? You will be able to access the training through our website Once completed, you’ll even get to download your certificate of completion. For anyone that likes the hands on approach, we’ll have a few in person trainings also. These will be offered the very beginning of June, during evenings and weekends. We’ll be hosting these in person trainings at the Fairfax County Government Center and at the Games time Volunteer Headquarters in Reston. Sign up will be available soon.

6.Volunteer Credentials and Uniform Distribution: Every volunteer will need to get their official Volunteer Credential, pick up their uniform, and receive the official Volunteer Handbook. The Volunteer Accreditation Center will be hosted at the Gamestime Volunteer Headquarters off of Cameron Glen Drive in Reston VA. The Center will open on June 7th and run through the Games with evening and weekend times available.
Below is a Timeline of all the upcoming activities so that you can get them on your calendar.

May 1 Begin Supervisor Interviews
May 1 Promote Cheer Squads and Pep Squads of Spectators
May 1 – 15 Internal Scheduling: Large Groups and Corporations. Supervisors
May 15 Choose Supervisors
May 15 – June 20 Supervisor Site Visits to Venues
June 1 Self-Scheduling for volunteers opens
June 1 Online Orientation Available and required for Volunteers
June 8-13, 15-20 & 24-25 Orientation – General In Person  
June 7 – July 4 Uniform and Credentialing  
June 26 Games Start!
July 5 Closing Ceremony

I hope you are as energized for this experience as we on the organizing committee are. This is going to be an awesome international celebration of athleticism, bravery, and honor. It is your appreciation for our heroes, your love of your community, and your sense of adventure that is going to make all this successful. Thank you!

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Volunteer Recruitment Well Underway for Next Summer's World Police & Fire Games

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The 2015 World Police & Fire Games will feature 12,000 public safety athletes from 70 countries taking part in 61 sports in 53 area venues.  And it will take approximately 4,000 VOLUNTEERS backing them up to make it all happen.  The very good news is that over 1,200 VOLUNTEERS have already registered with many more on the way.  You can still be a part of this amazing event and help welcome the world to Fairfax County and the National Capital Region.

VOLUNTEER opportunities exist in multiple areas of interest including, Games Ambassadors, Special Events, Venues and Competition, PR and Marketing, Operations and more.  During the Games, the volunteers will be looked upon to provide dozens of roles and functions...everything from welcoming athletes, family and guests, assisting our sports coordinators at each competition venue, to helping behind the scenes with technology, medical, protocol, communications and marketing. We are also looking for sport specific volunteers with tasks that range from the posting and dissemination of competition results to line judges and officials.

"Our volunteers are the heart and soul of this event, both during the Games next summer and over the course of the next several months as we plan for these competitions," said Kim Palmese, Director, Workforce for Fairfax 2015. The recruitment phase kicked off earlier this fall, as the Fairfax 2015 staff relied heavily on the high number of volunteers needed to help man the World Police & Fire Games information booth, assisting with the junior ultimate fire fighter competition and several other tasks at events held throughout Fairfax County and the region.

"Words cannot express the gratitude that we have for our public safety officials, but actions can," Palmese said. "It is because of this that we encourage all area residents to volunteer and support the public safety officials who have dedicated their lives to serving us and our community. “Join us in support of our everyday Heroes and welcome the world to Fairfax County and the National Capital Region!”


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VOLUNTEER Search Now Underway for Next Summer’s WPFG

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b2ap3_thumbnail_newsletter-0914-volunteers.jpgYou might think that 12,000 police officers and firefighters all gathered in one place would be enough to handle any potential situation that might arise; but when the World Police & Fire Games comes to Fairfax County next summer, that number will fall short by about three or four thousand.  

What could possibly be needed over and above that throng?

The answer is: VOLUNTEERS.

When the 2015 World Police & Fire Games turns Northern Virginia into the largest athletic playground the area has ever seen, a virtual army of VOLUNTEERS will be necessary to ensure that the 61 different individual, team and tactical events spread across 53 venues in ten days will come off without a hitch.  To facilitate that need, Fairfax 2015, the non-profit organization established to manage the Games, has formally launched its VOLUNTEER drive with an eye toward that lofty objective.  

“Our VOLUNTEERS will be the backbone, heart and soul of our event, both during the Games next summer and over the course of the next 10 months leading up to the Games,” said Kim Palmese, Director, Workforce for Fairfax 2015.  “We will look to these individuals for dozens of roles and functions … everything from welcoming visitors, transporting athletes and assisting our sports coordinators at each competition venue to helping behind the scenes with technology, medical, protocol, communication, marketing, even the posting and dissemination of competition results.”

The rewards, Palmese says, will surely transcend the time devoted.  “The World Police & Fire Games offers our VOLUNTEERS the opportunity to inspire, celebrate and honor those public safety officials who give so much to us every day of the year,” she said.  “This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play a major role in one of the largest, multi-sport, multi-venue events the world has ever seen.”

According to Palmese, VOLUNTEER opportunities are available immediately.  While college and university interns are already contributing their time, talents and capabilities for real-world experience and school credits, supporting needs are very much prevalent throughout every division within the Fairfax 2015 corporate office.  Additionally, Fairfax 2015 will create their own series of proprietary promotional events and participate in a series of external, existing events, virtually all of which require VOLUNTEER support.

“Words cannot express the gratitude that we have for our public safety officials, but actions can,” Palmese said. “As such, we encourage all area residents to VOLUNTEER and support the public safety officials who have dedicated their lives to serving us and our community.”

To VOLUNTEER, please contact Kim Palmese at or visit

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