Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park


East Capitol St SE & 13th St SE, Washington DC


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Lincoln Park is an urban park located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, D.C. The largest Capitol Hill Park, Pierre L'Enfant included it in his original 1791 plan for the District of Columbia, intending it for public use. L'Enfant planned it to be the point from which all distances in North America would be measured, although it was not ultimately utilized for this purpose. It was known historically as Lincoln Square.

Laid out in L'Enfant's plan for Washington as a square to hold a monumental column from which point all distances on the continent would be measured, Lincoln Park was slow to develop, and, in fact, was used for years as a dumping ground.  During the Civil War, it was the site of Lincoln Hospital, named after the President, and among the places visited by Walt Whitman, who made rounds to comfort the injured and dying soldiers. The name apparently stuck and, in 1867, Congress authorized it to be called Lincoln Square as a memorial to the martyred leader, the first site to bear his name. Lincoln Park is also the location for the Emancipation Monument