Orienteering - Long Distance

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Orienteering - Long Distance

Fountainhead Regional Park

OlympicsFountainhead is situated in Fairfax Station, where visitors will quickly discover the spectacular view of the widest point of the Occoquan Reservoir. Perfect for fishing or simply relaxing on the calm waters, Fountainhead’s water access allows for private boat launching as well as canoe, kayak and jon boat rentals. Fountainhead also offers a handicap accessible fishing pier. On land, the park also boasts one of the most challenging mountain bike trails in the region, which features a stacked loop system, with a beginner level loop that newer and younger riders can stay on, or riders can continue on the connecting intermediate loop, and then on to an advanced loop. The course includes the beginner and intermediate loops and boardwalk, trail bridges and technical trail features to create a challenging and exciting ride for cyclists of all abilities. The park also serves as one of the major access points for the Bull Run Occoquan Trail.

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