Baseball - Westfield

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Baseball  - Westfield

Westfield High School, Chantilly, Virginia

As members of a learning community that includes students, parents, staff, local businesses and global partners, the mission of Westfield High School is to educate and remediate our students within a nurturing, inclusive environment that promotes high academic achievement, focuses on improving reading strategies, and uses technology to promote learning. Teachers take a collaborative and integrated approach to provide each student with the maximum opportunity to develop skills needed to succeed as a citizen. An emphasis placed on informed problem-solving enables all graduates to independently create workable solutions within a changing society. The goal of the school and the community is to focus on the entire person so that each student can achieve success in academic, artistic, and athletic areas while maintaining individuality and integrity.

Event Schedule

Senior Games Manager

Drew Mitchell

WPFG Director

Larry (L.C.) Collins -


4700 Stonecroft Blvd, Chantilly, VA 20151



Car, WPFG Bus, Taxi


(703) 488-6300



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