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PEVS Paintball Park, Aldie, Virginia

Pev’s Paintball Park is the ultimate outdoor recreation park in the Washington, DC area, less than 30 miles from the nation’s capital in Aldie, VA. Paintball war games are a thrilling and exciting game of capture-the-flag where friends, family, and coworkers of all ages, male or female, can play a heart pounding game of paintball.Paintball is a mix of capture-the-flag and chess played between two teams. Each team attempts to capture the opposing team’s flag, while avoiding being tagged with a “splat” of washable paint. Games are played on specially designed fields with natural terrain, man-man bunkers, barricades, obstacles, buildings, and compounds.Pev’s Paintball Park is the first and only of its kind in the nation built from the ground up for paintball games. Forty eight acres with 14 playing fields; a town with 25+ buildings and props; a fortress with 3 mega towers and 8 buildings; two man-made rock fields with caves; six spectator friendly arena fields with inflatable obstacles, 2 fields artificial turf. Whether you like fast paced style of play or prefer to sneak around your opponents, we have the right fields for you.Pev’s Paintball Park provides all the playing and safety equipment needed for a fun, exciting day of paintball or customers can bring their own personal paintball equipment. No minimum group needed to play. Bring your friends, bring your entire company, or simply come alone and mix in with players already there that are all in different skill levels. We place beginners on appropriate teams so you will have a blast. Pev’s is open Saturday and Sunday year round, rain or shine. Please keep in mind that equipment is available on a first-come-first-served basis. Due to our popularity, we do suggest calling ahead to guarantee your equipment.

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Mark Kidd

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Tony Adler –


39835 New Rd, Aldie, VA 20105



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