New Registration Format and Update Requirements

Douglas A. Shaw Monday, 06 April 2015 16:39

ALL SWIMMERS:  There is now a new registration format online for those already registered and for all new registrants.  It is now very important that ALL swimmers go back online and now enter your best times under the events you have entered.  I know this was a wish for many swimmers so it has been added.  So, seeding will be done by time after all.  If you do not go back to this site, you will be seeded with "No Time"  I have just started entering information into the program being used, Meet Manager.  I will be entering times when I get them.  If you want to email them to me I can enter them but you still have to put them on the registration site.  This will only save me time in having to wait for the times to show up on site and be available to me.  If you have any questions, please email me and I will try to answer them asap.

I hope everyone is as excited about these Games as I am excited about creating the best swimming venue possible.  Wish everyone the best of luck and look forward to meeting everyone this summer.  Remember, mandatory meeting the day before is for relay formation and adding events.  No events will be added after this meeting.