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****Attention 3x3 Basketball Participants****
Here are the results of what we know right now:

Mens 30+
12:30pm Bronze Medal Game Court #1
AEPAB Catalunya (3-1) Vs. Tenerife (3-1)

1:45pm Gold and Silver Game Court #1
Ice Save (4-0) Vs. Lee, King Lun (4-0)

Mens 50+
12:30pm Gold and Silver Medal Game Court #3
IFD-CRT (2-2, +20pts) Vs. Milwaukee Fire (2-2, +9pts)

Congrats to Mens 50+ Hong Kong PD (2-2, +3pts) Bronze Medal Earned!!!

Womens 18+ Open Play
1:45pm Bronze Medal Game Court #3
Hong Kong A...
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It appears there is some confusion about trigger weights. We will follow the NRA guidelines for Trigger weights. They are as follows
Open Class Revolver rule # 3.2 states 2.5 lbs on single action
Open Class Semi Auto rule # 3.3 states 3.5 lbs
Service Class Revolver rule #3.1 states No Single action or thumb cocking allowed
Service Class Semi rule # 3.7 states 3.5lbs
Distinguished Class Semi rule # 3.5 states 3.5 lbs
Distinguished Class Revolver rule # 3.4 states 2.5 lbs on single action
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