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SPECIAL DEAL: Rental Vehicle Discounts for Athletes, Family and Friends

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b2ap3_thumbnail_EnterpriseLogowVan.jpgEnterprise Rent­-A-­Car is providing athletes, family members, and friends with price discounts on vehicles for the 2015 World Police & Fire Games. Everything from 4 door sedans to 15 seat passenger vans will be available to suite your transportation needs. The discounted rates will be in effect prior to and after the Games so extend your vacation here in Fairfax and the Washington,DC / National Capital Region. Get out there and explore one of the top tourist destinations in the United States. For a full listing of vehicles visit Enterprise’s website:

To access the discounts, call 1­-800-­Rent­A­Car (1-­800-­736-­8222) and provide the Discount Code XZ16J25 assigned for the 2015 WPFG. This code is available for all WPFG attendees. To make a reservation online, visit In the “optional: coupon,customer, or corporate number field” enter in the discount code XZ16J25. On the next page enter “WPF” into the corporate account field before selecting your vehicle on the next page.

*ATTENTION* Those requesting 12 or 15 seat passenger vans please call 1­844­829­ 6815. Enterprise representatives will assist you in reserving the vehicle. Discounts are available at all Enterprise locations in the continental US and Canada.

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2015 World Police & Fire Games Venues Announced

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FAIRFAX, VA – (February 10, 2015) Fairfax 2015 and the World Police & Fire Games (WPFG) have announced the official venues and locations for the rapidly approaching event. The Games are one of the largest multi-sport events in the world with over 12,000 athletes from police, fire and other public safety agencies expected to compete between June 26 and July 5, 2015. Venues span the National Capital Region providing opportunities for the entire community to get involved and support the global first responder community.

The Games will feature 61 sporting events hosted across 53 venues in and around Fairfax County, Virginia. Notable venues include:

  • George Mason University - One of the largest sports hubs for the Games, GMU will host 13 events at their athletics facilities, including baseball, basketball, boxing, bodybuilding, Judo, swimming and several others. As many as 4,200 athletes are expected to compete over 10 days at GMU’s Field House, Aquatic Center, the RAC and Center for the Arts. In addition to the athletic events, GMU will also house approximately 500 athletes at student resident housing.
  • Lerner Town Square at Tysons II - Centrally located in the vibrant Tysons Corner area, Lerner Town Square will be the site of the dodge ball, CrossFit® and beach volleyball competitions. The location is easily accessible via the new Silver Line metro and is located near shopping and dining at Tysons Corner Mall. This marks a venue change for the beach volleyball competition.
  • Springfield Town Center – Newly re-opened in October 2014, Springfield Town Center is the final Games venue addition. The town center will play host to the Ultimate Firefighter Competition, a multi-day competition that tests participants capabilities in four stages – Hose Task, Weight and Strength, Obstacle Course and High Rise.

“The World Police & Fire Games truly unite our community in support of the brave first responders who keep us safe. The range of locations across the National Capital Region illustrates the local community’s enthusiasm for the Games,” said Bill Knight, Fairfax 2015 President and CEO. “From large venues like George Mason University to local high schools and parks, we are thrilled to bring this year’s Games to so many locations around the area, allowing Fairfax and the greater D.C. area to show their support for the men and women who have dedicated their lives to public safety”. 

Two of the larger participatory competitions will take place in multiple venues with Ice Hockey featured at the Kettler Capital Iceplex, Reston Skatequest, Ashburn Icehouse and the PrinceWilliam Ice House and Golf teeing off at the Laurel Hill Golf Club, Lansdowne Resort and the Evergreen Golf Club.  Both Indoor and Outdoor Soccer competitions will take place in Loudon County at the Dulles Sportsplex and Morven Park respectively.

As previously announced, Opening Ceremonies for the Games will be held at RFK Stadium in Washington, DC on June 26 and Closing Ceremonies will be held at the Wolf Trap Performing Arts Center on July 5.  Reston Town Center will be the home of Athletes Village and Games Expo.

“While it has been a daunting task to schedule so many events into so many different venues, it has been a pleasure working with each of our partner venues,” said DJ Mackovets, Fairfax 2015 COO. “Each venue, from the smallest to the largest, is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our participating athletes and showcasing Fairfax County and the Capital Region to the world”

For a complete and up-to-date list of sporting events and locations, please see the Interactive Venue Map on the Fairfax 2015 World Police & Fire Games website.

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ATHLETE SPOTLIGHT: Amy Harris, CrossFit®

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b2ap3_thumbnail_amyharris.jpgMeet Amy Harris, competing for the first time in the World Police and Fire Games. She also will be competing for the first time in CrossFit® on an international level and her love and passion will no doubt shine through during her competition.

Amy started training in CrossFit® two years ago and says it was “love at first sweat”. Loving that it incorporates so many varied movements and styles of training, she has been competing locally since the early days of her training. Although new to CrossFit®, she was no stranger to competing. She has since embraced the process of building her strength, her speed and improving her health. Amy has a past history with soccer, softball, track and rowing, all of which has given her a leg up (notably, the rowing experience) because of the endurance required. More than just the physical conditioning, however, Amy is appreciative of the mental toughness she has gained from the sport.

Amy earned her EMT/IV Tech after graduating from the Fire Rescue Academy and was then promoted to a Fire Specialist. She has been a firefighter with the Baltimore County Fire Department for almost 7 years and recently, was nominated to the Battalion Health Coordinator for her Department.

She takes full advantage of her opportunities for continuing her education and has earned professional qualifications including hazardous materials technician, rescue technician (vehicle extrication), high angle rescue, incident response to explosives for first responders, and more. She fully intends to contribute in any way possible to the forward progression of her department, especially in the fitness arena as she progresses to becoming an officer.

Amy is driven and with high levels of motivation, however, patience is not one of her strong suits. That drive and high motivation sometimes leave her impatient when new skills aren’t quickly mastered. She credits a 25-year veteran firefighter for teaching her to slow down and simply break down a situation into steps and proceed through them without short cuts. He went on to teach Amy that those shortcuts would only cost more in the long run and she uses that advice still to this day in her career.

This lack of patience also affected Amy in the gym and while rushing to perfect technical lifts, she suffered a torn labrum because she was trying to keep up with veteran CrossFit® athletes. Moving too fast, increasing weight too rapidly and failing to listen to her body, she learned another important lesson about what happens when shortcuts are chosen.

When she’s not at work or training, you’ll find Amy spending quality time with her family. They truly are her balance in life and she says “they contribute more than they know to my happiness. It’s a foundation that I am not willing to sacrifice. People lose family members in the blink of an eye so I never hesitate to tell them I love them.”

You might be surprised to learn that Amy is extremely passionate about visual and performing art, playing classical music on the flute and piccolo as a child and even had her artwork submitted in congressional art competitions.

AMY IS EXCITED TO: meeting international veterans of the World Police and Fire Games, as well as watching athletes from departments all over the world compete at their sport.


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ATHLETE SPOTLIGHT: Jon Haase, Multnomah County Sheriff's Office

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b2ap3_thumbnail_spotlight-jonhaas-1.jpg“Pinch me” is what Jon Haase will say if you ask about his experience with former World Police and Fire Games. “I was lucky enough to be paired with one of the best officers I've ever met AND came away with the ultimate prize!” Jon says when I asked him to describe his golf partner, Retired Officer Pete Lucas.

Jon has competed in FOUR World Police & Fire Games: Adelaide, Vancouver B.C., NYC and Belfast, as well as the 2008, 2012 and 2014 U.S. Police and Fire Games.  Jon was quick to mention that the most notable aspect of the Games involves the camaraderie of the athletes, the welcoming nature of the local residents and the competition. He still maintains his relationships with Police and Fire members from Finland, Australia, China, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Malaysia and Germany (not to mention the brotherhood of US team members he frequently travels to see during off years). He says “I would never have imagined the level of life enrichment I have experienced had I not seized this opportunity.”

Jon’s first love was not golf, however. Baseball occupied his life as a child and he even attended college on a full ride scholarship for the sport. After several injuries, his dream of playing in the major leagues was no longer possible, and while searching for a replacement sport, golf found its way to him. In the first ten years of golfing, he realized that his competitive streak was back and he began playing in tournaments. Lowering his handicap from 12 to 4, he states “Golf’s true challenge is competing within yourself, not playing against those in the same tournament. When I solely focus on my mechanics and not the score, I can invest myself in enjoying my playing partners while also performing at peak efficiency. A win-win situation!”

Jon is a 24 yr veteran of the Multnomah County Sherriff’s Office, assigned to the Corrections Division and currently a Sergeant, overseeing a staff of 12 to 40 Deputies as they provide a safe and secure environment for our clients.

b2ap3_thumbnail_spotlight-jonhaas-2.jpgJon is no stranger to service, above and beyond his job duties, including overseeing the Sherriff’s Office Honor Guard, managing the Peer Support Team, as well as serving on numerous committees for the betterment of facilities. “Being granted the opportunity to work with and evaluate new recruits is what I am most proud of.  The opportunity to regularly see this career through new eyes, witness their “ah-ha” moments and help them navigate through difficult learning lessons keeps me invigorated.  To know that I have been given the opportunity to pay my blessings forward and make a difference in a person’s development has become my absolute focus and will be how I measure my success here.”

When asked to share a struggle he’s overcome, Jon shared that after ten years of his career, he had begun relying on alcohol to alleviate job related stress. Realizing the toll it was taking on himself and the effects his family was also feeling, he committed himself to the gym a minimum of three times per week and completely stopped consuming any alcohol.  “With the help of several important people in my life I was able to implement and maintain these lifestyle changes.  I am happy to say that 14 years later I am still a gym rat and alcohol free.”

You won’t just find Jon in the gym, at work or on the golf course! He uses every possible minute of each day to the fullest and is an avid fisherman and owner of two boats, who also loves to camp and hike AND enjoys working in his yard! We like this motto: “I firmly believe that the fun one has while outdoors is directly proportional to the number of people you are participating with!”

Jon is consistently looking for ways to improve the lives of those around him and is giving back to others in an effort to pay forward the mentorship he himself was given throughout his life. We will be glad to welcome Jon and his family to Fairfax County for the Games!

On Jon’s MUST SEE list for Fairfax County and the DC Metro area: Most excited to see all of his World Police and Fire brothers and sisters! Jon hasn’t been in the area for over 18 years and is looking forward to experiencing the sites with his family.

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ATHLETE SPOTLIGHT: Sue McCarron, 52, Lebanon Police Department

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b2ap3_thumbnail_athlete-sue-mccarron-1.jpgWatch out world, Sue McCarron is here! At 52, she refuses to let any roadblocks stand in her way!

After receiving her Bachelors in Criminology from FSU, she was hired as the first female patrolman in the history of the Lebanon Police Department in New Hampshire (1985). After graduating 3rd in the academy and placing 2nd in firearms, she was recruited by the United States Secret Service and worked as a polygraph examiner, and later transferred to the Vice Presidential Protective Division. The remainder of her career included time with the US Army Criminal Investigation Command, Major Procurement Fraud Unit at Fort Devens, Massachusetts as well as working with the Department of Defense in two different capacities.

Somewhere in the middle of all of this, Sue found a love for all things motorcycles! She bought her Harley Davidson Road King and began racing dirt bikes in the mid 90s! Racing primarily in the Women’s Class in Harescrambles (timed races through the woods with obstacles including rock gardens, mud, logs, steep hill, streams, etc.), she placed 2nd overall for the championship in 2000.

The season ended that November, and soon after, Sue had her first child. She didn’t race or ride again until it was announced that the 2005 WPFG would be held in Quebec! She had tried to make the 1997 games in Calgary and again the 2001 games in Indianapolis, but never quite seemed to get there. When the 2005 games were announced, Sue knew she had to make it happen and although she had never raced motocross, registered as a competitor. 

In preparation for Quebec, Sue went to JUST one motocross track for practice and spent only 20 minutes practicing. She says “Essentially….I had no training with motocross and just relied on my previous race experience. I was happy to just fit into my riding gear…as I had two children by that time.” Sue dominated the field and not only was the sole female competitor, she won the Bronze Medal in the Master (over 125CC/25CC) Category

b2ap3_thumbnail_athlete-sue-mccarron-2.jpgIn November 2010, Sue was diagnosed with breast cancer. After undergoing two surgeries and nearly three months of radiation treatment, Sue refused to let cancer win. She forced herself to return to playing in a women’s hockey league, and ran the Warrior Dash and Spartan Race in 2011, just months after finishing treatment. “Cancer is just another thing in life that you deal with, but it doesn’t have to devastate you.”

Soon after, Sue had her 50th birthday and celebrated, as you would if you were Sue – by running the 10 mile Tough Mudder Race up and back down Mt. Snow in Vermont! Since then, she has completed her second Warrior Dash and her third Spartan Race found her placing 22 out of 186 women in her age group.

Sue will be competing in both Motocross and Cross Country this summer and says she loves the Games, most especially the opportunity to meet so many public safety athletes from other countries.  She fondly remembers being in the parking lot in Quebec and meeting the Vanek family from the Czech Republic, who – even with limited English – helped repair the brakes on her motorcycle before the race.

Santa Claus recently brought him a new dirtbike and after having a friend create a small track on her property, he rides every chance he can get.

When asked to define her definition of success, Sue said “It used to be bringing home the trophy. Now, the definition of “success” in racing has shifted.” As she has introduced her son to the sport, she realizes the lessons are not just about the win. “It’s important to “show up” and do your best. Regardless of how you place, you’re already a success for just being there and competing.  It takes hard work and commitment. Some good things come simply as a result of hard work and being consistent.  If my son can learn this in sports, I believe he can apply the same work ethic to every aspect of his life.”

Sue's most excited to: participate in the Opening Ceremonies (she missed that in Quebec, 2005), catch up with old friends from the Secret Service and make new friends as well!


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ATHLETE SPOTLIGHT: Kenton Givens - Submission Grappling

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b2ap3_thumbnail_KentonGivensFamily.jpgHe doesn’t share this information with most, but Kenton Givens is a disabled combat veteran who fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 as a Marine. His wife is US Army and Kenton himself also has a long career in law enforcement. They have four daughters and one son between the ages of 5 and 18 and we are guessing there is never a dull day in their home!

Kenton will be participating in the World Police and Fire Games for the first time at the Fairfax 2015 games, as a competitor in submission grappling. He holds a BJJ Blue Belt at the Jiu Jitsu Institute in Yorktown, Virginia and holds a Black Belt in Judo with the Virginia Academy of Judo. His past experience with competition has only been on the local level in Gi, so the upcoming No Gi level will be a big step for him, but one is mentally and physically ready for. Gi participants are clothed in a kimono, or the customary white jacket/pants while No Gi participants typically only wear board shorts. Another major difference between Gi and No Gi is the point structure as well as certain moves that are allowed and varying takedown strategies.

Kenton has been a police officer since 2001 and is currently assigned as the Department K9 trainer, as well as holding the title of Senior Master b2ap3_thumbnail_KentonGivensK9.jpgHandler. He has worked uniform patrol as a County Officer and in the local jail as a Deputy Sheriff as well. When asked what piece of advice he would give someone aspiring to have a career in law enforcement, Kenton answered:

“Never stop training, it doesn't matter what department you work for, never wait on your department to train you. This is a professional career, and to be the best at it -- at the moment of truth -- you have to train in all aspects of combat, firearms, verbal judo, defensive tactics, the laws, etc. Train and take care of one another so everyone can make it home.”

Kenton puts family first, training second and says that he has been painfully aware of how quickly time flies, now that he his oldest daughter is going to college. He says to enjoy life and never take it for granted. He has learned that children truly allow you to live, laugh, love and cry and he appreciates watching them grow and learn.

He cites his wife as being his biggest source of encouragement and motivation, as she consistently pushes him forward in his dreams and aspirations. He draws inspiration from his Katrina Y. Soriano, his best friend who he lost to cancer several years ago. After attending academy together, they were zone partners during their career and he now wears a bracelet in her honor, reminding him to always work harder.

Kenton’s MUST SEE Virginia recommendations: National Harbor of Maryland, a drive down to Virginia Beach, as well as the historic sites in Virginia.


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#GivingTuesday - Fairfax 2015 joins Fairfax County “12 Ways of Giving “

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Starting on #GivingTuesday  (Tuesday, December 2), the Fairfax County Office of Public Private Partnerships will launch their annual “12 Ways of Giving” Program to promote giving to local nonprofits leading up to the Holiday season.

Fairfax 2015 is committed to providing the best athlete experience to each of the 12,000 plus public safety officials during next summer’s World Police & Fire Games. You can help ensure these humble heroes have the experience of a lifetime while visiting Fairfax County and the National Capital Region by donating through the “12 Ways of Giving” program.

To donate please visit:


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Volunteer Recruitment Well Underway for Next Summer's World Police & Fire Games

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The 2015 World Police & Fire Games will feature 12,000 public safety athletes from 70 countries taking part in 61 sports in 53 area venues.  And it will take approximately 4,000 VOLUNTEERS backing them up to make it all happen.  The very good news is that over 1,200 VOLUNTEERS have already registered with many more on the way.  You can still be a part of this amazing event and help welcome the world to Fairfax County and the National Capital Region.

VOLUNTEER opportunities exist in multiple areas of interest including, Games Ambassadors, Special Events, Venues and Competition, PR and Marketing, Operations and more.  During the Games, the volunteers will be looked upon to provide dozens of roles and functions...everything from welcoming athletes, family and guests, assisting our sports coordinators at each competition venue, to helping behind the scenes with technology, medical, protocol, communications and marketing. We are also looking for sport specific volunteers with tasks that range from the posting and dissemination of competition results to line judges and officials.

"Our volunteers are the heart and soul of this event, both during the Games next summer and over the course of the next several months as we plan for these competitions," said Kim Palmese, Director, Workforce for Fairfax 2015. The recruitment phase kicked off earlier this fall, as the Fairfax 2015 staff relied heavily on the high number of volunteers needed to help man the World Police & Fire Games information booth, assisting with the junior ultimate fire fighter competition and several other tasks at events held throughout Fairfax County and the region.

"Words cannot express the gratitude that we have for our public safety officials, but actions can," Palmese said. "It is because of this that we encourage all area residents to volunteer and support the public safety officials who have dedicated their lives to serving us and our community. “Join us in support of our everyday Heroes and welcome the world to Fairfax County and the National Capital Region!”


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VENUE SPOTLIGHT: The Three Feature Courses for Golf

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b2ap3_thumbnail_golf-laurelhill.jpgLaurel Hill Golf Club – You may be surprised to learn that Laurel Hill’s majestic landscape was once the site of Lorton Prison/Reformatory for much of the 20th century. Golfers can still see the prison guard towers and dormitories from the 11th tee.

Designed by course architect Bill Love, Laurel Hill is a true test for accomplished golfers as well as the many amateurs that play here on a regular basis. Laurel Hill successfully hosted the U.S. Amateur Public Links Championship in July, 2013.

Love’s overall design objective for Laurel Hill was to respect the existing features and let its natural beauty dictate the character and challenge of the course. By all accounts he succeeded as the golf media continue to describe the course with accolades like “one of a kind,” “visually stunning,” and “five star resort.” Laurel Hill is a 7010 yard par 71 course.






Lansdowne Resort – A golf experience unlike any other in the Washington, DC area awaits you at Lansdowne Resort. The golf club at Lansdowne offers 45 holes of golf designed by world-renowned architects Robert Trent Jones, Jr. and Greg Norman.

Our rounds will be played at the Robert Trent Jones II Course. Robert Trent Jones showcases his master design touch across the Virginia countryside incorporating fields, woodlands, natural stone outcroppings and centuries’ old rock walls. While friendly, the strategic layout will test the skills of both the accomplished and novice golfer.

This par 72, 7063 yard course promises to be a memorable round every time.







b2ap3_thumbnail_golf-evergreen.jpgEvergreen Country Club – This 18-hole par 72 golf course was completed in 1968 and matured into one of the most popular in the area. This course measures 7096 yards from the championship tees and provides a challenging and enjoyable round for golfers of all levels. Greens and tees are bent grass while the fairways are comprised of Bermuda grass.

Evergreen Country Club, designed by Algie Pulley, has a layout which features water on 6 of the 18 holes. The very unique figure eight style golf course ensures that there are no parallel fairways. It also offers a cohesive environment where a golfer becomes one with nature. Some of the prestigious golf tournaments previously and currently held at Evergreen Country Club include, Virginia State Open Championship, USGA U.S. Amateur Qualifier, and a multitude of charity events. A new state of the art multi-row irrigation system and continuous concrete cart paths were added recently.




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Chili Cook-off Entries Wanted

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b2ap3_thumbnail_chilicookoff.jpgDo you make the best chili in your fire house or police station? If so, create a team and join Fairfax 2015 at the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce Oktoberfest Reston Chili Cook-off in collaboration with the 2015 World Police & Fire Games.

The event is held at Reston Town Center, which will be the home of the Athletes Village and provides an opportunity to introduce the community to the Games and for potential athletes to get a sneak peak of the Athletes Village.

“It is a natural fit for Fairfax 2015 to partner with the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce to make the 2014 Guns ‘n Hoses Chili Cook-off the most competitive ever!” said Lt. Jaime Popik, Director, Ceremonies and Special Events In 2013, the Games staff entered a team in the Guns ‘N Hoses Chili Cook-off and while we didn’t place but it was a great experience to engage with other public safety officials from around the region, for a great cause. So, we jumped on board to help increase the number of teams participating in the event by reaching out to police and fire departments throughout the National Capital Region and on the East Coast”. Rain or shine, Fairfax 2015 plans to enhance this event and showcase the great chili made by first responders.

To do this, we need you and your team to join the competition, bring the best chili recipe and compete for cash prizes on October 11 at Reston Town Center.  The competition is free to enter and each participating team will receive a $100 gift card to offset the purchase of supplies for your chili.

The proceeds from the Guns ‘N Hoses Chili Cook-off goes to the Reston First Responders Awards Committee, which is a partnership between the Fairfax County Police Department Reston District station and the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce.

For more information on the Guns ‘N Hoses Chili Cook-off or to sign up please visit:

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Fairfax 2015 Announces Launch of Proud Host Program

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b2ap3_thumbnail_newsletter-0914-proudhost.jpgFairfax 2015 has announced the official launch of their Proud Host Program, a platform designed to engage the entire area business community in support of next summer’s World Police & Fire Games. Targeted toward community businesses, associations and organizations looking to support the work of our First Responders, the Proud Host opportunity delivers a true participatory program that offers various levels of benefits and engagement with the Games and our hero athletes.

“Community Champions come in all shapes and sizes and this program opens the doors for all who wish to participate in the Games and honor our heroes both locally and from around the world.” said Bill Knight, Fairfax 2015 President and CEO.

“The Proud host program truly is an all-inclusive community initiative as it offers various levels of commitment - for organizations of all sizes as well as individual contributors,” said Lisa Huffman, Director of Corporate Development.  “We’ve designed these packages to be highly attractive to a broad constituency; essentially offering ‘something for everyone.’”

The Proud Host initiative is a companion to the World Police and Fire Games Official Partner Program which is aimed at companies seeking maximum visibility and full integration into the lead up and launch of the Games.  Official Partners will have full access to the expansive and loyal First Responder market through unique and engaging ownership opportunities.

“There are many ways for the public to get involved with next summer’s competition said Mike O’Brien, Fairfax 2015 Vice President of Corporate Development.  “Our objective is to offer organizations the best possible platform to achieve their business or organizational goals.”

For information on the Proud Host Program, please contact Lisa Huffman at or call 703-324-2477.

For information on the Official Partner Program, please contact Mike O’Brien at or call 703-324-2480.

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Athlete Registration Begins October 1st

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b2ap3_thumbnail_newsletter-0914.jpgThe vigil began as far back as August 10, 2013 during the closing ceremonies of the 2013 World Police & 

Fire Games in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

With the 2015 Games already awarded to Fairfax County, the anticipation grew with each passing day. The question we heard most frequently was predictable: “When can we sign up?”

In a few short days that wait will be over.

On Wednesday, October 1, individual and team registration will officially open for the 2015 World Police & Fire Games, set to unfold in Fairfax County and the National Capital Region from June 26 through July 5. With 61 sports to be contested at 53 venues across ten days next summer, athletes and police and fire officials will soon be able to stake their claim to a guaranteed slot within the competition. “Athlete registration is a critical milestone as this activity truly kickstarts the momentum for the Games,” said Fairfax 2015 Vice President of Venues & Competition DJ Mackovets. “The buzz and the chatter on social media and the Fairfax 2015 website have been enormous. We know that the moment registration opens, the action will be furious. We fully expect several sports to ‘sell-out’ in a matter of weeks.”

The urgency, Mackovets says, is legitimate. As the potential competitive field for several of the sports can be limited by venue size and available dates, once a field is filled, it’s filled. “Obviously, events such as cross country, swimming, half-marathon and several of the cycling sports could accommodate an unlimited number of participants, you can only fit so many flag football, softball, volleyball and soccer teams into a venue and only field a limited number of weightlifters, wrist wrestlers and martial artists,” he said. And once a competition field is filled, well, “you can’t squeeze a round peg into a square hole,” Mackovets says.

Once open, registration will take place exclusively online through the competition website – Each event will carry its own pricing structure with rules, regulations and
tournament formats clearly defined and also available online. There is no pre-qualification necessary, no preliminary tournaments nor feeder events, and the Games are structured so as to provide a
competitive balance for teams and individuals across all sports, with divisions specifically for beginners, intermediate and advanced participants.

“We strongly advise and encourage all interested parties to read and review the rules, regulations and requirements of each sport thoroughly, well in advance of registration opening,” Mackovets says. “This way, they can pull the trigger quickly when the site goes live.”

For additional information, or to register (after October 1), visit

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Open Ceremonies To Be Held At Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium

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b2ap3_thumbnail_rfkstadium.jpgOpening Ceremonies for the Fairfax 2015 World Police & Fire Games will be held at the historic Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium in Washington, D.C. - affectionately known as “RFK” around the globe. RFK is the current home for Major League Soccer's D.C. United. Many remember this great stadium as the previous home to football's Washington Redskins and baseball's Washington Nationals.

In 2011, the AT&T Nation’s Football Classic™, an annual football game between two historically black colleges and universities, joined the diverse schedule of events at the stadium. Music fans have also been thrilled by performances under the stars at RFK by artists such as Elton John, the Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, U2, the Eagles and the Grateful Dead. An illustrious roster of legends have passed through the stadium doors, but the evidence shows, the future is as bright as ever.

And now this great stadium will host public safety athletes of both law enforcement and fire services from over 70 countries. It is our hope to produce an Opening Ceremony fitting of these great heroes.

Getting To RFK Stadium
We encourage all athletes and guests to take Metrorail for the 2015 World Police & Fire Games Opening Ceremonies. Both the BLUE and the ORANGE lines will take you to the Stadium - Armory stop. The stadium entrance is just a very short walk from the Metro station. Games volunteers will direct you to the appropriate entrances.


ATM Machines
ATM Machines are located throughout the stadium:
200 Level (Main Concourse)

  • Behind Section 207 – Near Gate A
  • Behind Section 219 – Near Gate F

300 Level

  • Behind Section 318 – Near the D.C. United Team Store

Credit Cards
The food concessions operated by Centerplate accepts Visa, Mastercard and Discover at all concession locations throughout the stadium.

There is an elevator available for disabled persons and patrons with suite tickets by the RFK Stadium Administrative Office entrance at Gate A (near Section 208). There is also an elevator located within the stadium at Section 210.

Guest Services
Guest Services is located on the 300 level behind Section 307. Guest Services representatives assist fans during games with stadium information, lost children, driving directions, car trouble and wheelchairs.

Lost and Found
Guests needing to claim or report lost items during our event should visit Guest Services on the 300 level behind Section 307. Guests may contact Lost and Found at (202) 608-1100 to inquire about and/or retrieve lost items.

Smoking Policy
Smoking is prohibited in all seating areas of RFK Stadium. 

Umbrellas are not permitted in the stadium for the safety and sight lines of other fans. Rain gear of choice is a poncho. For more information, please see the list of prohibited/permitted items.

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Baseball Great Cal Ripken Jr Joins Fairfax 2015 Honorary Board

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b2ap3_thumbnail_cal-ripkenjr.jpgPlease welcome the 'Iron Man' himself, Cal Ripken Jr to the Fairfax 2015 World Police & Fire Games Honorary Board of Directors.

One of the true legends of baseball, Cal Ripken, Jr. began his professional baseball career in 1978, made it to the majors in 1981, and quickly set a new standard for shortstops. Big, strong, and durable, he displayed power at the plate, grace in the field, and unrivaled perseverance. He earned AL Rookie of the Year honors in 1982, won the MVP award in 1983 and 1991, and received a Gold Glove in 1991 and 1992. In 1995, Cal broke Lou Gehrig's major league record for consecutive games played (2,130). The next year, he surpassed Japanese great Sachio Kinugasa's streak of 2,215 straight games. Cal voluntarily ended his streak on September 20, 1998, after playing 2,632 consecutive games. During this 17-year span, Cal amassed 3,184 hits, including 431 home runs. He holds many major league records, including most home runs by a shortstop and highest single season fielding percentage by a shortstop (.996). He retired from baseball in October 2001 after 21 seasons with the Baltimore Orioles.

Inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2007 with the third highest voting percentage in history, Cal Ripken, Jr. is baseball's all-time Iron Man. Now Cal is using the platform that baseball has provided him to help grow the game he loves worldwide. Today, he is Chairman and CEO of Ripken Baseball, which owns and operates minor league clubs, world-class youth baseball facilities, a memorabilia company, and a management and design company that builds state-of-the-art athletic complexes. In 2001, Cal and his brother Bill established the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation, in memory of their father.

Cal's role as an ambassador for the game was taken to a new level in August 2007, when he was named American Public Diplomacy Envoy by the U.S. State Department. In this role, he has traveled worldwide teaching baseball to children and representing the United States. His most recent trip in 2011 was to Japan, visiting with kids who had been affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

Over the years Cal has also become a best-selling author. His past works include The Only Way I Know, Play Baseball The Ripken Way (with his brother Bill), Parenting Young Athletes The Ripken Way, Get in the Game: Eight Elements of Perseverance that Make the Difference, and The Longest Season, a children's book. His first novel, Hothead, hit bookstores in 2011 and reached #5 on the NY Times Best Seller List. Co-authored with Baltimore Sun columnist Kevin Cowherd, this book was the first in a series of baseball themed novels for middle grade kids. The second book in the series, Super-Sized Slugger, hit the shelves in March 2012.

Cal hosts a weekly radio show on SiriusXM, and serves as a Studio Analyst for TBS Sports during the Major League Baseball playoffs.

Cal resides in Maryland with his wife, Kelly, and has two children, Rachel and Ryan.

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WPFG Gold Medal Athlete Dies Following Cycling Race Accident

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b2ap3_thumbnail_RPS.jpgPORTSMOUTH, U.K. - PC Richard Phillips-Schofield, 33, was off-duty and taking part in a race at the velodrome at the Stamshaw centre when the crash happened on Sunday. He was taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham with severe head and chest injuries where he died earlier today. He was taking part in the Omega Circuits at the Mountbatten close road circuit on Sunday when the accident happened.

He won two gold medals and a silver medal in the World Police and Fire Games in Belfast last year.

Flags at the force’s Winchester headquarters and Netley have been lowered as mark of respect, and will remain lowered tomorrow.

PC Phillips-Schofield was a rider with the Winchester-based Peter Hansford Racing Team and the force said his main passion was cycling.

He started out at the Light Hall School in Solihull, West Midlands and represented the force in cycling at the highest level, winning national and international awards.

Chief Constable Andy Marsh competed at the World Police and Fire Games with PC Phillips-Schofield. Mr Marsh said: ‘I was proud to serve with Richard, and had the privilege of being one of the first of his colleagues to congratulate him on his gold medal when we competed together in Belfast last year.

‘His service in the police was no less impressive, a first class officer, team player and friend to so many. He was a credit to Hampshire Constabulary and policing in many ways.

‘Richard’s loss will have a huge impact on friends and colleagues across the service, not only in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, but across the UK.

He was unmarried and is survived by his parents.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this tragic time.


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Tysons Regional Chamber of Commerce to Benefit World Police & Fire Games at Casino Night

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b2ap3_thumbnail_casinonightbenefit.jpgVIENNA, Va., - On Friday night, February 28, the Tysons Regional Chamber of Commerce will host Casino Night, from 6:30 until 10:30 p.m. at Westwood Country Club.  Sponsored by Rees Broome, PC, the event will feature $25,000 in ‘gaming cash,’ redeemable for raffle tickets and prizes. 

Partial proceeds will benefit Fairfax 2015, the non-profit host organization staffed by a dynamic coalition of experienced event professionals and public safety officials, responsible for administering the Games.

The evening will feature a full slate of table games including blackjack, poker, roulette and craps, as well as a silent auction.

Tickets, $80 in advance and $90 at the door, are available through the Tysons Regional Chamber web site at or by calling 703-281-1333. Westwood Country Club is located at 800 Maple Ave E, Vienna, VA.

For additional information on the World Police and Fire Games, visit or call (202) 480-WPFG (9734).


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Fairfax 2015 Receives Final Approval For Sports Program

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b2ap3_thumbnail_frontpage-finalsportslist.jpgLast week the Planning Team for the Fairfax 2015 World Police & Fire Games hosted meetings with the WPFG Federation. One of the main purposes of these talks is to obtain approval for planned venues, sports program, schedules as well as the overall plan for the Games.
Fairfax 2015 has been working extremely hard over the past 10 months on a number of changes to improve the athlete experience. Venues have been upgraded, changes to the sports program and a robust accommodations plan with superior athlete benefits. 
Your 2015 Planning Team is pleased to announce the following WPFG Federation approved sports updates:
SPORTS GROUPINGS: Adjustments will be made to the website ( ) to display the sports reflective of the WPFG Registration System. As a result, our sports number will be adjusted to 61 instead of the previously mentioned 40. Most of the sports will remain grouped in the social network area due to the cross-competitive nature of the events. 
SPORTS TITLES: Several sports will be renamed. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will be listed as Submission Grappling. This new sport for the WPFG will be hosted by both the 2015 and 2017 Games. Other sports will be relabeled for consistency. 
PROGRAM CHANGE: Earlier this year a review was performed of the sports program to create a final list to present the Federation. As a result, the previously announced sports program with the addition of Baseball has been approved.  No other changes to the sports program will be made from this point forward. The final sports list for Fairfax 2015 World Police & Fire Games is as follows:
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Bill Knight Appointed President & CEO of 2015 World Police & Fire Games

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b2ap3_thumbnail_knight.jpgFAIRFAX, Va., – The Fairfax 2015 World Police & Fire Games Board of Directors recently announced that it has appointed Bill Knight as President & CEO. 

With 25 years in the sports industry and over 20 years of executive leadership primarily with major international event management and consulting groups, Mr. Knight brings a new strategic focus and proven team success to the Fairfax 2015 World Police & Fire Games (WPFG). 

Previous to this appointment, Mr. Knight operated a consulting practice in Atlanta, GA. He served as Vice President of Venue Operations for World Cup USA in 1994, and as the General Manager for all venues and events in Athens, GA for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games.. He also served as Vice President, Business Operations for the Atlanta Super Bowl XXXIV Host Committee prior to starting his own business. Mr. Knight holds a Masters of Sport Management from Ohio University and a Bachelors in Business from Wake Forest. 

“We are fortunate indeed to have Mr. Knight lead the team of Fairfax’s 2015 Games,” said Barry Biggar, CEO for Visit Fairfax. “His passion for sports, his exceptional experience, his comprehensive understanding of these types of mega events and what they mean to a community, as well as his commitment to ensure the 2015 World Police and Fire Games are the best ever, are all critical to their success. It is now time to escalate and expand on the exceptional work the current team in place has already done and Mr. Knight is clearly the person to do that.” 

Knight commented, "This international event is a great gift to our community. It presents a tremendous opportunity to foster regional partnerships, stimulate economic growth and showcase the amenities the National Capital Region has to offer. I am thrilled to join the team in welcoming the world's public safety heroes and look forward to helping make the 2015 World Games truly memorable." 

About The World Police & Fire Games
The World Police & Fire Games are the second largest multi-sport event in the world, surpassed only by the Summer Olympic Games. The event draws more than 12,000 athletes from police, fire and other public safety agencies representing 70 different countries to compete in 1,600 medal events across 40 sports. Fairfax 2015 is a nonprofit 501(c)3 established to organize, manage and operate all activities related to hosting the 2015 Games which will take place throughout the National Capital Region June 26 to July 5, 2015. Visit for more information. 

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